Juicy Savers E Liquid – Strawberry




Bottle Size: 60ml


Let’s be honest, the most popular member of the berry family is found in many companies’ e liquids. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of strawberry vape juices that would result if you googled this product right now. This only confirms the popularity factor of this ripe king of the berries. But extracting the superior strawberry flavor from those juicy, little berries is not a task performed the same by all companies. Some will overindulge in the sweet notes that leave you parched and dreading another blast of sugar-filled vape to smack the back of your throat. Others focus more on the tart notes but forget that the strawberry isn’t a fruit you would associate with extreme tart flavor in its natural state. The true art of this process lies in perfecting the balance of both the sweet and tart flavonoids while preserving the ripe tannins for which this berry is notoriously known. Dare we say, the makers at Juicy Savers have managed to mimic the perfect balance of the real berry in their Strawberry E Liquid? Oh, we dare. The team of wizards at Juicy Savers have waved their magic wands and somehow extracted the ripe blast of sweet strawberry flavor while preserving the right amount of sour to make your face smile in surprise instead of cringe in disgust. The moment you inhale the mist from this vape juice you’ll feel like you just took in a fresh breath of air that has wisped through an actual strawberry patch, snatching up the best taste and scent properties of the fruit, while leaving all the staining potential for your clothes behind. It’s rare in life that people truly perfect the art of their craft but when they do we should stop and soak it in. Stop, take a moment to push the button on your vaping device and soak in the preservation of the brilliant balance that real berry provides through Juicy Savers Strawberry E Liquid.





The product is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18, and not for use by non-smokers


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Nicotine Strength:

3mg, 6mg