Juicy Savers E Liquid – Pineapple




Bottle Size: 60ml


The most notorious representation of the tropics is the sweet and sour greatness embedded in the pineapple. This is why Juicy Savers saw fit to include it in their line of luscious, fruit-flavored e liquids. The second you bite into that prickly mass of sweetness your mind is taken to a place where the ocean waves fill your day with fun while also rocking you to sleep at night. It’s the most sought-after vacation and honeymoon destinations and for good reason. The tropical islands carry with them some of the most beautiful and unique of God’s fruity creations and leading the bright variety is the pineapple. Make precious clouds of this pineapple-flavored e liquid and take your mind to the islands with each drag. When you inhale your nose and your taste buds will both be pleased by the aromatic sweet n’ sour scents and flavors your clouds will possess. First the sweet, refreshing flavor blankets over your tongue bringing with it crisp notes of natural satisfaction. Then the sour swoops in to provide the zest to liven up the party taking place in your mouth. If your mouth begins to water at the thought of this extravagant tropical mist of celebratory proportions then you need to order your bottles, right away. They’ll surely give it the refreshment it needs after a long day at work or just a heated day, soaking up the sun. Your lungs will thank you after you fill them with the misty clouds made from this sweet nectar. As the vapor exits your lungs, then sweetness will return to your tongue bringing back that smile of satisfaction to your face (let’s be real, we both know it never left) while the mildly sour tannins re-tingle the taste buds on the tip of your tongue and lips.





The product is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18, and not for use by non-smokers


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Nicotine Strength:

3mg, 6mg