Beetle Juice – Southern Orchard




Flavour: Peach with hint of cool


Bottle Size: 100ml


When you walk down the candy aisle, what are the bright orange rings that stick out to you the most and tempt you to snatch them up and eat the entire bag? Only one candy reserves the right to be responsible for this erratic behavior: peach gummy rings. These gummy rings that are based around the sweet state fruit of Georgia come in clear packages that reveals the shiny, speckles of sour sugar, glistening through the plastic and catching your eye every single time. No judgment, for we all give in to these sweet, distinctly flavored gummies that are spritzed with sour powder. But what if the next time you walk into a convenience store and stumble across those delightful orange rings, you could say, “I’m good”, knowing you have that flavor in your pocket to enjoy whenever you please? This is the liberation that Beetle Juice vapors gives to you through their Southern Orchard E Liquid. It’s based around the famous southern peach flavor. It’s a flavor that can’t be mimicked by putting any combination of other flavors together or described using the properties possessed by any other fruit. It carries with it a distinct sweetness that is either known or, sadly, unknown. Once this flavor is experienced the user is instantly attracted to it and the versatile methods in which it may be presented. Of course, gummy fruit candy is one of the most popular ways to present the peach flavor. Here lies all the taste the soft shell of chewy, little candies with a glorious Georgian fruit flavor, condensed into a convenient e liquid. Inhale and you’ll immediately be swept away to that wonderful land of gummy-flavored euphoria, where you’ll confess your love to this sour peach e liquid and all its sweet and dazzling tastiness.





The product is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18, and not for use by non-smokers


Additional information

Nicotine Strength:

3mg, 6mg