Beetle Juice – Riddler




Green apple Pear & Mixed Berries


Bottle Size: 100ml


The Riddler has many tricks up his sleeve to throw your way. This flavor by Beetle Juice Vapors will make your lips pucker, make your palate experience a crisp fruit flavor, and give your endorphins intense satisfaction and bewilderment. There is a secret to this riddle, however, we don’t know the magic method of potion making that the creators of Beetle Juice Vapors implement. We just appreciate its mystery and bask in the promenade of sour, sweet and berry flavors. The first hit of sour green apple may make you cringe if you’re not used to a spike in your vaping flavor. No need to bail out from intimidation, for the crisp pear unveils itself to your puckered palate and caresses it with a calm, crispy relaxation. The mixed berry flavor induces a boldness factor that both surprises and pleases you as if you were picking them fresh from the patch. The moment you take that first pull your tongue will be excitedly shocked, then your throat will be smoothed over by the crisp and mild pear-flavored mist. Allow your lungs to absorb the mixed berries in their magnificent combination and you’ll instantly know you’ve stumbled across a puzzling flavor that you can’t exactly put your finger on. It may be a futile effort to attempt to figure out the science behind the Riddler E Liquid but you can put your finger on your vaping device, inhale and enjoy. Somethings in life are best left unknown, for their beauty rests in their mystery. Consider the Riddler E Liquid by Beetle Juice Vapors as one of those unsolvable majesties. You’ll enjoy the blend of sour green apple, crisp pear, and juicy mixed berries more if you just vape it and leave the science to the craftsmen at Beetle Juice Vapors.





The product is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18, and not for use by non-smokers


Additional information

Nicotine Strength:

3mg, 6mg