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  • 10ML Patriot Range Pack of 3


    Patriot Range Pack of 3

    Our USA manufacturing partner produces our exclusive Totally Wicked Patriot Range. It was developed to offer some distinctive North American flavours; primarily for our USA customers, but also to provide a wider choice to all our international customers of some really bold and striking flavours that we are very proud of; the Patriot Range could never be called bashful!

    With 40 flavours in 5 strengths, the Patriot Range is the largest of our pre-mixed fluid ranges and comes in easy to use 10 and 30ml ‘super squeeze’ bottles. Consistent with our principles, the Patriot Range is made with only the best ingredients, and to ensure this, we independently procure the best quality nicotine from our UK nicotine supplier and provide this as the Patriot Range’s base nicotine.

    The Pg/Vg ratio of patriot is 70% Pg and 30% Vg.

    Save more with 10% Discount on 3 Bottles.

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  • 10ml TW Titan Range pack of 3


    10ml TW Titan Range pack of 3

    The 10ml TW titan Range pack of 3 is made exclusively for TW by our primary partner Joyetech; produced in Joyetech’s own specially developed fluid production facility, run to European standards of quality and product specification. The Range  is mixed with a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and offers an exceptional value and quality e-liquid.

    Save more with 10% discount on 3 bottles.

    Titan Fluid has a PG/VG ratio of 70/30.

    Available in 18mg and 11mg nicotine strengths

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  • arc 3 40W E-cig Kit and E-liquid


    Since its introduction, the arc (Curve) series of e-cigarettes has completely dominated the vaping market, showcasing exceptional quality at an unbelievable price. The arc 3 e-cig kit is the next evolution in the range, presenting all the most loved features; ergonomic form, practicality and reliability.

    The arc 3 e-cig kit features a class leading 2600mAh internal battery, up to 40W of power output and the ability to power sub-ohm atomizers. Stainless steel threads and a spring loaded firing pin offer longevity of use, and as with the earlier arc (Curve) products, the arc 3 e-cig kit comes supplied with the CS Air tank and a 10ml bottle of UK produced Red Label e-liquid.

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  • Titan CC Tank Kit


    Available in five colours, Black, Blue, Brushed Steel.

    The Titan CC is the slimmest *RCS e-cigarette currently available on the market. It utilizes the proven Tornado eGo-C atomizer technology, a long standing favorite at Totally Wicked.

    The simple design allows for quick and easy replacement of the atomizer head once it reaches the end of its’ natural life. This can be done without the need to empty the tank of fluid, simply remove the base and tank as one unit. The atomizer head, which sits on top of the battery, can then be replaced. This feature offers excellent economy in use, plus it dramatically reduces wastage of valuable metals, all whilst maintaining outstanding performance.

    To refill the tank, unscrew the tank section, leaving the chrome base attached to the battery. Fill with e-liquid down the central hole, you may need to apply some pressure as you squeeze the bottle nozzle down the middle. Alternatively, some customers may find using a needle nose bottle or a fluid flask easier for this tank.

    For those who want a high quality, durable, slim and stylish electronic cigarette with the performance and convenience of an *RCS, there is no better device than the Titan CC.

    Dimensions: Length 62.8mm, Diameter 9.2mm, e-liquid Capacity 0.75ml.

    *RCS = Replacement Coil System.

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