• Tornado II Sub Mini 1.8ml Tank


    The Tornado II Sub 1.8ml atomizer tank was introduced to complement the Tornado II Sub 1100mAh battery, however the 510 connection makes it compatible with a wide range of devices available at Totally Wicked.

    The tank holds 1.8ml of e-liquid and also features an adjustable air inlet which allows users to customise their vaping experience, simply by turning the dial to open up the air intake. The tank holds the CL 1.0ohm atomizer and comes complete with a metal mouthpiece. There is also a transparent plastic mouthpiece available as an extra accessory.

    Also available from Totally Wicked, the CL 0.5 sub-ohm atomizer heads.

    The CL atomizer heads are fitted with a vertical coil surrounded by a natural cotton wick to transfer the e-liquid from the tank. The 1.0ohm atomizer head features a 1.8mm air hole which gives users a tighter draw. This is aimed for vapers who are looking to simulate a smoking sensation, feeling the throat hit as you inhale. Whereas the sub ohm 0.5ohm atomizer head features a 3.5mm air hole which gives gives a much more open draw and is suitable for those looking to produce clouds of vapour


    However, this is just a guide and many users have their own preference of atomizer heads to best suit their needs.

    Please note: The Tornado II Sub Mini 1.8ml Tank is not compatible with all power units. For the best experience a battery capable of firing lower resistance atomizers is required such as, The Tornado II sub 2200mAh battery or the Curve 30W power unit.

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